Mediation Attorney Michael W. Leonard

Florida Supreme Court Foreclosure and Circuit Court Mediator

Mediation, also called Alternative Dispute Resolution, is an efficient method to assist clients in resolving their issues without court intervention. Mediations are often viable options to many parties because it often saves time and money; it puts the parties in control of their situation, and removes some of the uncertainties found in litigation. Furthermore, mediation is generally more cordial and facilitates a “win-win” approach among the participating parties. Typically, parties who have reached their own agreements in mediation are also more likely to follow through and comply with the terms.

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution attorney Michael Leonard is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Foreclosure Mediator and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator. Mr. Leonard and the attorneys within the firm are available to mediate all types of civil disputes and have handled meditations involving disputes over business, real estate matters, foreclosure, contracts, and personal injury.

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Michael Leonard

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